Where to Buy Acai

by admin on August 5, 2015

white acai tea

Where to Buy Acai

Anyone doing research on recent health trends has likely heard of the acai berry and its amazing health benefits due to high antioxidants and amino acids.  This berry has been hailed as the new superfruit and marketed towards dieters across the globe.  What these sources sometimes fail to mention is that acai berry products actually taste good!  The tanginess of flavor resembles raspberries while the sweetness brings to mind pomegranate.

The purpose of this post is to show consumers where to buy acai berries and where to buy acai berry products.  Mighty Leaf makes a delicious acai black tea and an acai pomegranate tea.  Samabazon offers acai smoothie packs that are actually frozen acai pulp.  The packets are insulated and shipped within the United States.  Another way to access a fresher form of acai for smoothies or drinks is by buying acai berry powder through online organic producers . Rather than grinding the acai pulp, these powders extract material from the skin.  Both freeze-dried pulp and powdered acai offer fresh flavor and nutritional benefits.

A great line of acai-flavored products comes from Goodbelly.  They produce a flavored drink and a To-Go Bar both in blueberry acai flavor.  Acai continues to grow in popularity and can be found as ingredients in many juices sold in supermarkets.

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