What Do You Know About the Tropical Jicama?

by admin on November 15, 2012

JicamaWhat do you know about Jícama? It is not really an antioxidant rich fruit at all, but the root of a vine from Mexico. The outside is a brown to yellow and paper like while the inside is white and has a crisp watery texture similar to an Asian pear or water chestnut.

Many people compare it to a raw potato because it is crisp and starchy. But it has a sweet flavor that is similar to a fruit. It can be cut up and is often eaten with dips or salsas, put in salads, added to the very last step in a stir fry dish, or put into a fruit salad for its desirable crunch.

In it’s native location it’s often sprinkled with chilies, doused with fresh squeezed lemon or lime or paired with cilantro to give it a sweet and sour quality. It cannot be refrigerated, but will keep up to two months in a cool, dry place.

Jícama is high in dietary fiber and is a good snack for hydration. While it is not like one of the strong antioxidant fruits, it contains the prebiotic oligofructose inulin also known as fructo-oligosaccharide. It is high in the vitamins B, C, and A and the minerals calcium and phosphorus.

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