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Polyphenol Antioxidant Fruits Like the Strawberry Guava Contain More ProVitamin A

September 7, 2015

The strawberry guava is one of the strong antioxidant fruits from Brazil and came over to Hawaii as an invasive species. It is said that the strawberry guava tastes reminiscent of a passion fruit and a strawberry blended together. It is popular to use in making jams.

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Lose Weight, Feel Great – No, Really

March 20, 2013

Here is a great daily go-to recipe for a juice that is both high in antioxidants and packed with plenty of veggies.

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Celebrate National Drinking Straw Day with Glass Dharma

January 3, 2013

In 1888 Marvin Stone came up with the very first drinking straw when he used a pencil and wrapped a piece of paper around it. He patented it on January 3rd, and that is why it is recognized as National Drinking Straw Day.

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What Do You Know About the Tropical Jicama?

November 15, 2012

What do you know about Jícama? It is not really an antioxidant rich fruit at all, but the root of a vine from Mexico. The outside is a brown to yellow and paper like while the inside is white and has a crisp watery texture similar to an Asian pear or water chestnut.

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White Sapote as a Strong Antioxidant Fruit

November 2, 2012

White sapote is from Mexico, Central and South America. The white sapote is actually closely related to citrus fruit.

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