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Tart Cherries- A Natural Sleep Aid

August 15, 2012

Can tart cherries help you get a better night’s sleep? Research has shown yes, and those who have tried it agree. With millions each year being spent on sleep aids with varying results, many people are looking for natural solutions.

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Mangos- Rich in Rare Antioxidants

August 2, 2012

When looking for those fruits that are both a healthy snack and are supportive of the body’s natural ability to heal itself from attacks that range from bad food to pathogens, not many think of the Mango right away.

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Fruits that Treat Autism?

July 27, 2012

For years, the B vitamins have been studied for their helpfulness in treating Autism Spectrum Disorders. Studies have found that increasing the B vitamins in the diets of Autistic individuals have lessened some of the symptoms such as anxiety and outburst. It has even been theorized that these difficulties may stem from B vitamin deficiencies.

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