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5 Knee-Friendly Fruits

November 7, 2015

Here are 5 fruits that are deemed to be knee-friendly due to their high Vitamin C content.

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Mango, Fruit of Life

May 1, 2015

The mango is one of the world’s most loved fruit. It’s juicy and sweet flesh is exquisite. The aroma it gives smells delightful. More than that, it is also known to be a symbol for life.

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Colon Cancer May Be Prevented By Eating Mangos

December 5, 2014

Have you heard? A new study by the Texas AgriLife Research center has decided that mangoes may have the ability to stop cancer cells from growing not only in the colon but also in breast tissue. This is hopeful information that there may be ways to prevent folks from developing these diseases. And, of course, it adds mangoes to fruit fighting cancer.

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Fruit Product Manufacturer: Funky Monkey Snacks

January 10, 2011

For every ounce of Funky Monkey Snacks, it is packed with 3 full servings of real fruit healthy goodness.

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Fruit Product Manufacturer: Crunchy N Yummy

December 27, 2010

When it comes to freeze-dried fruits, Crunchy N Yummy aims to provide the best. the company chooses the best fruits at its peak of flavor.

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Mango GoodBelly ToGo

January 28, 2010

I decided to try the Mango GoodBelly ToGo product today. It was quite tasty.

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