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5 Benefits of Mangosteen

March 31, 2015

Despite being a tropical fruit from Southeast Asia, mangosteen has been extremely in-demand and has reached fame all over the world.

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Health Benefits of Mangosteen

March 3, 2015

The health benefits of mangosteen are extensive with a long list of potential uses. Mangosteen is being called a superfruit – in fact, the queen of superfruit – because of the antioxidants in both the rind and fruit that fight free radicals. Mangosteen can be taken internally as a juice, powder, or capsule; eaten raw; or ground up and applied externally to the skin to treat inflamed joints.

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Three Mangosteen Facts

February 9, 2015

To set the record straight about the queen of superfruit, here are three mangosteen facts for the informed consumer:

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Does Mangosteen Have Any Nutritional Value?

December 10, 2014

Nutritionists are beginning to document the health benefits of mangosteen. A compound called xanthones, which occur naturally in mangosteens, possesses antioxidant-like qualities.

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Using Mangosteen for Sinus Problems

September 27, 2014

Don’t confuse this southwest Asian fruit with the mango commonly sold in grocery stores. The mangosteen, in size somewhere between an apple and an orange, has an outer purple skin with soft white fruit inside with a flavor that is both citrus and peach-like. Most importantly, consumers have seen considerable health benefits from mangosteen including aid for sinus and respiratory illnesses.

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Health Benefits from Mangosteen

October 29, 2013

Learn about the fabulous health benefits from mangosteen, including mangosteen fruit as anti inflammatory and mangosteen for sinus problems.

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