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The Guava

January 28, 2015

The guava has an array of health benefits much more than any other fruit could offer. It has a Vitamin C, Vitamin A, B and minerals like Protein, Carotenoids, Iron and Potassium. It is high in dietary fiber and also acts as a disinfectant with its anti-bacterial properties.

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The Guava Fruit

January 14, 2015

Guava is a nutritious fruit native to some parts of Latin America and several parts of Southeast Asia like the Philippines.

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The Best Antioxidant Fruit – Guava

December 3, 2012

A lot of people are asking why antioxidant fruits are important to our diet. The answer is quite simple—they free our body from free radicals—which usually damage our body cells. Red guava is considered as a good source of antioxidants such as vitamin C.

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Fruit Product Manufacturer: Funky Monkey Snacks

January 10, 2011

For every ounce of Funky Monkey Snacks, it is packed with 3 full servings of real fruit healthy goodness.

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