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How to Grow Dragon Fruit

February 12, 2015

The dragon fruit plant, named for the exotic appearance of its fruit, is native to Central and South America and grows well in temperate climates. Dragon fruit growing is possible from three stages: as seeds, seedlings, or a young plant. The following discussion focuses on how to grow dragon fruit at each stage.

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Dragon Fruit Plant

August 16, 2014

Learn more about the dragon fruit plant, how to grow the dragon fruit plant, growing dragon fruit and dragon fruit nutrition.

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Red Dragon Fruit

July 24, 2014

Learn more about the red dragon fruit, the dragon fruit plant, growing dragon fruit and dragon fruit nutrition and more.

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Growing Dragon Fruit in Three Different Ways

May 17, 2013

The dragon fruit is interesting because it resembles a tree but is actually many different large vines growing from one stem. Unfortunately, this exotic and beautiful plant can’t be grown everywhere.

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Mmm, Navitas Natural Dragonfruit Slices

March 21, 2013

Finally, the taste and the nutrition of the dragon fruit plant are being harnessed. Navitas Naturals have come out with a new organic snack in the form of Dragonfruit Slices.

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