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Counting Banana Calories

November 10, 2015

When you want to lose weight or put on some weight, bananas are the fruit you should always include in your diet.

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Warts vs. Bananas

May 10, 2015

There are many kinds of warts but the most common one was proved to be harmless and has a rare possibility to be transmitted from one person to another.

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How to Freeze Bananas/What Can You Use Frozen Bananas For?

November 27, 2013

If you’re planning to use frozen bananas to make food, what’s the best course of action? Watch this video to learn how!

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Vita Mix Professional

February 23, 2011

For a quick fix that will only take you about 5 minutes with a Vita-Mix 1300 Turbo Blend 4500, why not try this orange-banana smoothie as a perky breakfast drink?

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