Pineapples to Stop IBS

by admin on October 9, 2015

Pineapples to Stop IBSPineapples to Stop IBS

Irritable Bowel Syndrome is an embarrassing condition to have. Not many people would admit that they even have this ailment. IBS is often caused by the food you eat. To avoid diarrhea and constipation, a healthy preventive measure is to eat pineapples.

This spiky fruit with many eyes is high in antioxidants and fiber. Best to be eaten ripe to help your digestive system, the pineapple also has bromelain. The unripe pineapple might make your IBS worse. Canned ripe pineapples are also a good alternative.

Other benefits of the pineapple help in regulating hormones in your thyroid and help ease pain felt in arthritis. If you have worms in your intestines, the purgative qualities of the pineapple can give you a hand. It is also helpful when you feel nauseous.

Eating a slice of pineapple after a meal will be good for your digestion and IBS condition. This will lessen gas build-up and help make your bowel movement go smoothly. Do not eat too much though since fiber balls may clog your intestines.

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