Pears for Gallstones

by admin on April 15, 2015

Pears for GallstonesPears for Gallstones

Overeating can result in many negative results. Eating the wrong kind of foods like those with high content of refined carbohydrates and sugar can lead to cholelithiasis or gallstones. When you have gallstones in your gall bladder, you get to feel acute pain on your abdomen that keeps on returning over and over. To make matters worse, you will also encounter indigestion, gas and constipation. A quick remedy for this condition is to eat pears.

Pears are natural laxatives. It has high fiber content, copper and antioxidants which can help you with chronic gall bladder disorders. Somehow, eating pears regulates your bowel functions and somehow cleanses your gall bladder and rids you of gallstones.

Other benefits come with eating pears. Pears also keep your heart healthy and your colon gets a cleansing from the natural fibers of this fruit. You can also mix pears with apples, cranberry, grapes, pineapple or papaya to get a more potent concoction against gall bladder disorders, indigestion, colon disorders, urinary infections and constipation.

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