Nutrition of Lychee Fruit

by admin on March 20, 2015



Lychee fruit, interpreted from Chinese words which means “a reward for a life that is joyful”. It indeed lives up to its name itself. Its nutritional value is very enormous, what with minerals and vitamins inside it, which is a great support for a healthy diet. Lychee tastes sweet and is delicious and is known to be joyfully enjoyed by Southeast Asian natives for centuries now. This fruit is commonly found in temperate Asian countries, such as China, Indonesia, and India.



One of the many antioxidant fruits, its nutritional and health benefits have already been tried and tested. Major nutritional benefit of lychee based from two major studies conducted is its fruit helping in the prevention of the increase of cancer cells. Its pulp mainly contains flavoniods, a substance rich in antioxidants, and is proven to be effective against cancer of the breasts specifically. In addition, lychee has vast Vitamin C content, which is not being produced naturally by human body. As already known, Vitamin C prevents your body from heart diseases, cancer, and is very good for your skin, bones and tissue. Overall nutritional benefit of Lychee fruit is for the general well being of your body.

Another big factor why this fruit is very helpful for your nutrition is that the Chinese ancient people has proven that when this fruit is eaten, they noticed an additional boost of health in their body and it helped them digest their food properly. The lychee fruit contains calcium, phosphorous, magnesium as well as protein. This is very helpful indeed for your general health and fitness.

Have you had the lychee fruit?  How’d you like it?

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