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Hydroponics is an innovative way of producing and growing plants, fruits and vegetables of your choice using nutrient-enriched balanced water, without the use of any soil.  Hydroponic gardening is simple and very flexible, you can grow healthy plants without a yard and has proved soil itself is not an essential element in growing plants.

Plants that are grown using the hydroponics process are said to be more healthier than growing them the traditional way. Hydroponic planting produces more nourishing, purer fruits and flowers compared to other methods, at the same time makes the plants free from any bacteria. This kind of system is absolutely earth-friendly for it does not harm our environment and does not need the use of any fertilized soil.
To sustain the plants in a hydroponic technique, a medium like fiber, sand or stone can be used to anchor its roots. Such mediums are made to be very air and water absorbent which we all know are very essential in producing a healthy plant or flower.


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