How Many Calories Are In A Peach?

by admin on June 19, 2014



A peach is a fruit which is very juicy and sweet. This fruit can be classified into two types depending on the texture of their skin. The smooth ones are called nectarines while the velvety ones are the peaches. It has white to yellowish color of flesh with subtle scent. This kind of fleshy fruit is called a drupe where there is a fleshy part surrounding a hardened inner seed.

A peach contains 79% of water and is very high in vitamin C and dietary fiber. However, it has high sugar content. It has high contents of vitamin A and potassium. It does not contain sodium and cholesterol in it, but it contains calories. This is mostly from the carbohydrates it contains.
The calories in a peach vary depending on how they are prepared. If it is raw, it has 66 calories per one cup of serving. If it is canned with juice, it has 110 calories per one cup serving. When it is canned in light syrup, it has 136 calories per one cup serving.

We can therefore conclude that fresh raw peach is much better to eat when you are watching your diet. It has lesser calories compared to the processed and canned peaches. This is because canning a peach has different steps that add calories in the process. So how to can peaches? It starts from preparing the solution you will mix with the peaches, and it is usually made up of water and sugar. Then, add a mixture of citric acid and vitamin C to the peaches and solution to prevent the flesh from darkening. The can will then be heated to be sealed.

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