Fruit Product Manufacturer: Plum Organics

by admin on February 7, 2011

Fruit Product Manufacturer: Plum Organics

It’s only natural for parents to be picky when it comes to baby food. Babies are still in the process of strengthening their immune system. It’s a widely known fact that the first two years of your child’s life are the ones wrought with worry. Plum Organics knows this and that’s why all of its products are meant to benefit your baby’s health and nutrition.

The company was started by Gigi Lee Chang, a parent who found out that there are not many freshly made baby foods on the market. With a mission to provide the best tasting organic food for babies and toddlers, Plum Organics was born. The company believes that introducing baby foods of different tastes and textures goes a long way. It creates a solid foundation of your child’s eating values.

The organic baby food products range from 3 varieties of baby cereals,  fruits, mixed fruits, training meals and puff fruit snacks. Whereas for tots, Plum Organics offer dried organic fruits and grain bites, fruit and grain sticks and a fruit puree snack.

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