Description of Elderberry

by admin on May 31, 2010



Just like other known herbal plants, elderberry is professed to have lots of elderberry benefits to humankind. However, some were not yet supported by scientists. Its flowers, leaves, stems and bark of its elder plant are already being widely used for medical reasons. This is because most of the people believed that elderberry has medicinal powers.

To provide an elderberry description, this plant is actually a large shrub which thrives in locations where there is much exposure to sunlight. It comes from an elder plant, and is known to be an indigenous to Europe, Asia and Africa. It is also grown in parts of United States. One can be able to identify its elder flower through its distinguishing five-ray flowers colored white, and is observed to have five to seven group of leaves which grows opposite from each other. Their berries begin to grow as color green, after which it develops to color red and lastly becomes black once they are ripe.

Benefits of elderberry are numerous. It helps in the alleviation of several health problems which are based on research since 1615 in France. Its users at that time reported of health problems and this plant is their topmost recommended healing expert plant. It is very effective in the treatment of colds, sinus infections and flu. According to a prominent Medical Center University in Maryland, elderberry’s extracts can eliminate, if not, kill strains of a certain virus called H1N1 or better known as swine flu.

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