Can Aronia Berry Extract Help Regulate Blood Glucose?

by admin on April 30, 2015

Can Aronia Berry Extract Help Regulate Blood Glucose?

The choke berry is also known as aronia berries.

The choke berry is also known as aronia berries.

The choke berry is a healthy fruit that contains powerful antioxidants. The berries have substances called anthocyanins (greek origin,anthos and kyanos means dark blue), hence the name black chokeberry. It has been studied in labs that when pre-diabetic (sensitive to insulin) rats were fed extracts over a period of six weeks, they had lower blood glucose. They also had reduced levels of plasma triglycerides and low cholesterol. Some of the rats were fed water spiked with the aronia berries while others were fed pure water with low levels of the aronia berry. Both levels of the aronia berry mixture had the same effect.

Aronia berries are full of nutritional value. Human studies show that a daily consumption of at least 200 ml of aronia berry juice per day by diabetes patients helped to lower their blood glucose levels. That gave them a stable amount of insulin. The influence that the aronia fruit juice had on blood glucose is that it amazingly reduces the abnormalities in blood glucose. It can be used to fight against any complications that may be associated with diabetes. In the studies that used aronia berries extract for diabetes, it not only helped the blood glucose levels stay low, but it also stopped damage from occurring to the kidneys as a result of the diabetic condition. Blood glucose is just one of the many ailments that the aronia berry extract has the power to level in our bodies.

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1 Elizabeth Mahlberg September 17, 2011 at 10:10 am

Three years ago my husband and I planted 500 Aronia Plants. This past may we found “the superberries” store and have been eating the berries and taking Aronia Berry Concentrate. Both of us have diabetes and I am in the early stages of macular degeneration. Since being on Aronia Berries we have lowed our A1C levels. Mine went from 8.8 to 6.7…my macular degeneration has not progressed and I lost about 7 pounds. We initially planted the berries for the income potential but have found the health benefits are even better!!!


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