Brothers Freeze Dried Fruit

by admin on November 30, 2011

Brothers-ALL-Natural White and Yellow Peach Crisps up close

Brothers-ALL-Natural White and Yellow Peach Crisps up close

Keeping fresh fruit around the house is not always an option.  Sometimes fruit is not in season and many times the fruit spoils before it can all be eaten.  Canned fruit is an option, but heavy sugary syrups or the watered down flavors are not always appealing. An option that may offer the best of seasoned fruit without the muted flavor may be freeze dried fruit.  Brothers freeze dried fruit is made of organic dry fruit that is always in season. The products are 100% organic and come in bags.  The flavor combinations range from freeze dried apple cinnamon crisps and organic freeze dried bananas to mandarin orange and mixed berry flavors.

Organic dried fruit is a healthy snack that is great for an evening in front of the television watching a movie or when enjoying the great outdoors.  Fruit is a snack that will satisfy your sweet craving and still allow the waistline you have always desired.  These are snacks that can easily be kept in the car, used for lunch, or utilized in various recipes.  Add freeze dried fruit chunks to a spring salad or as a sweet topping for ice cream.  The point is to have fun with this healthy alternative to greasy salty snacks.

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