Lycium Barbarum: Age-Old Secret In Improving Memory

by Ryan General on January 27, 2016

Lycium Barbarum: Age-Old Secret In Improving Memory

Lycium BarbarumMany medicinal benefits have been attributed to the plant lycium barbarum. The plant that bears the superfood known as the goji berry was often hailed for its healing properties. However, not much has been discussed the amazing components of lycium barbarum polysaccharides (LBP) that improve brain function.

Improving memory is a common concern now for most people even for those of the younger age bracket. Living at a high pace in these modern times has taken quite a toll in our mental state and capacity to absorb and retain information. While continuous research and studies are being done by scientists to address this using modern tools and medicine, there seems to be not much progress in providing a long-term solution to this problem. One research, that would be an exception which that would show promise, involves something more traditional instead of modern. For centuries, the lycium barbarum fruit extract has been used to assist in improving brain performance.

The modern herbal medicinal world knows that the lycium barbarum benefits include anti-aging, cell-renewal, immune modulation and even cancer prevention. Little is discussed about its neuroprotective properties. This is  because it is not just recently when scientists discover how its cell renewal properties affect brain cells and neuron functions.

According to recent studies, tests performed on lab rats exhibit overall improved performance in memory, analytical, motor and recognition skills. Researchers have also seen possible capabilities of LBP in restoring memory functions and neurogenesis, regeneration of brain cells. Such breakthrough would even further highlight all lycium barbarum benefits and how important it is in our nutrition.

Aging usually involves being forgetful, continuously losing focus, and being unable to retain valuable information.  This stage usually comes much later in life. But for some of us, unfortunately, the symptoms arrive much sooner. It’s a good thing there is still hope for those who want to improve. Along with proper diet and exercise, including lycium barbarum in your daily diet will be of great help in keeping your brain younger, smarter and in top shape.

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The Goji Berry Juice: Drinking The Healthy Way

by Ryan General on January 22, 2016

Goji Juice

Goji JuiceTraditional Chinese folk medicine has given high appreciation to the amazing benefits that the Himalayan goji juice brings. For many centuries, the goji berry juice has been used as a go to medicine for numerous types of ailments.

Among many goji juice benefits, the most popular of these are the anti-aging properties that the goji berry has.

Goji berries have also been used in several traditional Asian delicacies as an ingredient. In some places, the berry’s juice is extracted and then combined with tea to produce tonic.

The goji berry is in itself sweet and tasty. It can actually be eaten anytime normally as a healthy fruit. A modern twist to the old goji berry juice is to add the berries to other juices and make smoothies. You may also use dried berries for the highest nutritional benefits by brewing them into a tea. To produce your own tonic, you may soak dried berries in water for a couple of hours. Many goji berry juice drinkers like the sweet taste and compare its taste as a cross between raspberry and strawberry juice.

A lot of benefits can be had from drinking goji berry juice regularly. Goji berries are known to be extremely nutritious and drinking its juice will provide you a huge dose of health elements that only goji juice can provide. Studies have shown that goji berries have more vitamin C than oranges and even larger amount of beta-carotene than carrots. Aside from this, goji berries are the best source of most vitamins and antioxidants. This will protect your body from free radicals and help prevent cancer from developing.

Health experts have indicated the recommended amount of intake as 10 to 30 grams, whether taken as juice or mixed with other ingredients. Just remember, while taking goji juice is very beneficial to your health, it is important to take it in moderation as well. The goji juice benefits can be best obtained by regularly taking it as part of your daily diet in the proper amount and by eating healthy combined with regular exercise.

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Getting Your Own Goji Berry Plant

by Ryan General on January 20, 2016

Goji Berry Plant

Goji Berry Plant 2Ever want to have your own Goji berry plant? It’s very understandable. And highly recommended too, due to the numerous health benefits you can get from this miracle superfood. These berries are usually eaten like a normal berry or you can also drink the extract as juice.

Most popularly known as a powerful anti-oxidant, goji berries from the goji berry plant, has increased in popularity in this western part of the world over the years. After celebrities like Mischa Barton, Elizabeth Hurley, Madona and even Oprah sang praises about them, people started to notice. And the miracle Goji Berry Plant plant did not let down. More and more people learned the powerful benefits of the plant and its popularity exploded.

People who want to buy their own goji berry plant need not worry. While the red goji berries are traditionally grown in China, Mongolia, and Tibet, recent years have seen the cultivation of this amazing plant in the western parts of the globe as well such as Europe and North America. The berries are also known to be extremely delicate fruits and cannot be easily picked from the tree using hands. Harvesters instead shake the tree and are then caught or picked up from the ground.

In the US, several online retailers have the goji berry plant on sale. You may find the goji berry plants for sale on Amazon, Home Depot, Goji Berry Plant eBay and other online stores. Also, check some local specialty shops and health stores as they may also sell the goji berry plant.

Of course, you may also opt for just purchasing the berries instead of the tree. Several goji berry products are already being sold in the US. A variety of goji products in the form of dried goji berries, goji berry juices, and goji berry extracts are extremely popular. You may find goji products in selected health stores and specialty shops in the US and the UK. Most of these shops sell pure goji berry juice, tea, goji berry capsule, and even goji berry snack bars.

Whatever you choose to decide, rest assured that you are making a wise decision in including the wonder fruit in your diet.


Noni Juice Benefits

by admin on January 11, 2016

The Health Benefits of Noni Juice

Original Noni JuiceHave you ever heard of the noni plant? It is a small, shrubby tree that is native to countries in Asia, Australia, and the islands of Polynesia. Its flowers are white and tubular while its fruits are yellowish-greenish-whitish in color with large pebbled surface. The noni fruit has a unique appearance with a cheese-like, bad odor.

Noni Juice Health Benefits

The noni fruit may not look nice and its odor is not all that inviting but it has lots of benefits. There is so much to talk when it comes to the health benefits of noni juice. This plant is medicinal and its traditional or ethnobotanical uses have been proven over thousands of years. Polynesian healers have used noni fruits to treat various illnesses such as high blood pressure, diabetes, pains, aches and burns. Those who have arthritis, tumors, and inflammation have also been cured by the noni juice.

If you are concerned about the effects of aging, noni and its juice can help you with it. The health benefits of noni juice have also been proven to include healing parasitic, viral and bacterial infections. The noni fruit is the main ingredient in the natural organic healing formulations. While healers in Asia, Australasia and in Polynesia have used the noni fruit directly to heal diseases, noni is now prepared and sold as a dry extract in capsules and as juice in dried “fruit-leather” form.

General Uses of Noni

Traditionally, noni has been used for illnesses such as colds, flu, anxiety, and high blood pressure. It has also been a good cure for depression and anxiety. In Samoa, all of the parts of the noni plant are used for healing various sicknesses. Also, it is among the most frequently used Hawaiian plant medicines that have been used in clinical trials. Its bark was used for treating bacterial infections, cough and other stomach illnesses including diarrhea. Its flowers are cure for eye irritation and soreness, conjunctivitis, styes, coughs and inflammation. The fruit has an exceptional effect in treating asthma, broken bones, wounds, infections in the mouth and throat, tuberculosis and more. Its dried leaves are great for inflamed gums, chest colds, infections, and pleurisy. Its fresh leaves are used externally for burns and internally for hemorrhage, fevers, roots for oral ulcerations, cancerous swellings and fevers.

Tahitian Noni Juice Benefits

Tahitian noni juice is used as an antioxidant as its substance gets rid of free radicals that cause premature aging and cancer. Its anti-inflammatory effects have been proven to cure colds, fevers and coughs. Various researches and tests have proven that Tahitian noni juice benefits include reduction in the LDL or bad cholesterol while it can increase the HDL or good cholesterol levels.

Other Health Benefits of Noni Juice

Known for its impressive gamut of healthful vitamins as well as minerals and phytonutrients, noni juice also includes the following vitamins: B1 (thiamine), B2 (riboflavin), B3 (niacin), B5 (pantothenic acid), B6, B12 (cobalamin), C (ascorbic acid), and vitamin E (alpha-tocopherol).

Noni juice has anti-cancer qualities that has long been trusted by modern science. Morinda Citrifolia or commonly called noni juice is also effective in curing gout. It has an antispasmodic effect on muscles as it can keep muscles relaxed. It can maintain cardiovascular health as it dilates the blood vessels and comfort the smooth muscles cells resulting in a better blood flow in the arteries. Polynesians combat overall body weakness by drinking noni juice. Noni fruit is also effective in the prevention of liver diseases. It can be an aid to cure memory impairment, and it can also contribute to healthy skin.

The uncountable health benefits of Noni juice justifies its popularity in the market. People who have known and experienced the wonders of noni have spread the good word and have encouraged others to try this product.

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Goji Bessen: The Magical Berry

by Ryan General on December 10, 2015

Goji Bessen: The Magical Berry

Goji bessenGoji berries are continuously gaining popularity among health enthusiasts all over the globe. Often cited for their health benefits, the goji berry plant and its goji berries have become a potent ingredient in a lot of traditional medicines and nutritional diets.


Having been only recently introduced to Western countries, not many know that the plant has been cultivated for its culinary and medicinal benefits in China and Tibet for hundreds of generations.  Tracing its origins back in China, the earliest known written texts that recorded its use were as early as 200 AD during the Han Dynasty. Many believe that the plant may have existed even well before the period. Its botanical name Lycium barbarum was given to the plant in 1753 by Swedish botanist, Carolus Linnaeus. The plant is now currently cultivated in Europe and North America following its huge success in the market.


Lycium BarbarumKnown in Dutch as goji bessen, the berries have been considered by health experts as one of the most powerful fruits in herbal medicine. Rich in natural minerals, vitamins, and nutritious elements, it’s no surprise it is among the most sought after health ingredient today.

  • Anti-aging benefits– The berries’ anti-oxidant properties make them potent youth potions when combined with other ingredients. This is the reason it earned the moniker “key to eternal youth” in Tibet.
  • Increases Vitality– A natural Viagra, it is not, but it nonetheless promotes vitality in many other ways. Its properties are known to restore concentration, strength, endurance, and even libido. When mixed with other ingredients, it can also help treat male infertility.
  • Good for the Heart– Goji also helps in promoting better blood circulation while balancing blood pressure as well. It also regulates the blood’s sugar and lipid levels, maintaining just the right normal amount for the body.
  • Stress Reliever-For those having trouble with sleeping, the goji berry helps in combatting insomnia as it relieves anxiety and stress while assisting in neuron cell renewal and improving memory.
  • Eye /Skin Doctor– For a clearer eyesight and better looking skin, a good dose of the goji berry will do a lot of improvement with continued use. Its rejuvenating factors aid in skin and eye cells renewal bringing them to a healthier life.
  • Better digestion– The plant’s healing properties also include improved digestion and digestive organ protection. Your kidneys and liver are protected from chronic diseases and your diet is internally regulated.

Apart from the mentioned above, there are many other benefits that can be had by including goji berries in your diet.  With the exception of pregnant and nursing mothers, the goji diet should be considered by anyone who wants an improved, healthier lifestyle.

To learn more about the Goji berry and what it can do to you, check out other articles below:

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Cranberry Juice Calories

by admin on December 8, 2015

Cranberry Juice Calories

Cranberry juice calories differ depending on how the juice is served and sold. While the healthiest way to get the nutrients out of cranberry is by eating the fruit directly, it is more convenient to get cranberry as juice and learn about the calories cranberry juice.

Cranberries are rich in health-promoting anti-oxidants as they combat free radicals that cause damage to the cellular structures and the DNA. They are rich in vitamin C as well as salicylic acid. A low calorie cranberry juice with 45 calories per cup can help achieve the dietary requirements that we need of cranberry juice.

Calories Cranberry Juice

Cranberry juice is served in different ways. It can be served as unsweetened, as a frozen concentrate, as low calorie with vitamin C, or as cranberry juice cocktail. To answer the question, “How many calories in cranberry juice?” we need to know each of these types of serving and their calorie content in each cup as well as how the composition of the calories.

  1. Unsweetened cranberry juice. According to, the common serving sizes as well as its corresponding calories for unsweetened cranberry juice are as follows:
    Serving size – Calories
    1 oz – 13
    1 fl oz – 15
    100 g – 46
    100 ml – 49
    1 cup – 116
    Here is the calorie breakdown of one cup of cranberry juice (unsweetened) with 116 calories: 2% fat, 95% carbs, 3% protein.
  2. Cranberry juice cocktail. A cup of cranberry juice cocktail contains 137 calories broken down into 2% fat, 98% carbs, and 0% protein.
  3. Frozen concentrate cranberry juice. One cup of frozen concentrate(with water) cranberry juice cocktail serves 138 calories composed of 0% fat, 100% carbs and 0% protein.
  4. Low calorie cranberry juice with vitamin C. A cup of low calorie cranberry juice with vitamin C added contains 46 calories broken down into 2% fat, 11% carbs and 5% protein.

The health benefits of cranberry juice

Heart disease is among the leading cause of death in the United States. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, approximately 610,000 people died due to heart disease every year.

Cranberries are rich in polyphenols, an antioxidant compound that helps improve circulation, kidney function, and hormone delivery. Its phytonutrient serves as a natural way in preventing heart attack. To take advantage of cranberry juice’s phytonutrient and antioxidant benefits, it is best to take high calories in cranberry juice by taking in more cups of pure cranberry juice.

Other health benefits of cranberry juice include prevention of recurring urinary tract infection (UTI). Various studies have tested that regular consumption of cranberry prevents the development and spread of cancerous tumors. New research has also proven that cranberry juice prevents tooth cavities.

While it is healthy to take cranberry juice, it is important that we take it regularly and know the calories of the cranberry juice we are taking in. We must learn about the cranberry juice calories so we know if we have met the daily dietary requirement that we need.


Top 10 Healthiest Fruits for a Healthy You

by admin on December 4, 2015

Top 10 Healthiest Fruits for a Healthy You

We have compiled a list of the most nutritious fruits and have labeled them as the top ten healthiest fruits.

Not all foods are good for our health the same way that not all fruits are healthy and good for us. Each fruit has its own nutrient value. Be careful of those with hybrid varieties or fruits that have been altered by humans as they contain more sugar than the natural variety.

Healthiest Fruits

Here is a list of the top 10 healthiest fruits that you should be eating:

  1. Apple. Famous for the saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away,” apples have disease-fighting antioxidants called flavonoids that can help prevent the development of ashthma and diabetes.
  2. Berries. These fruits contain phytochemicals that provide antioxidant protection. It is an excellent source of zinc, potassium, carotenes, iron, calcium, vitamin C and magnesium. It is low in sugar but very high in calcium.
  3. Olives. While it is hard to cure cancer, the polyphenols in olives can help fight cancer as well as protect against inflammatory diseases.
  4. Papaya. Papaya is a rich source of antioxidants as well as vitamin C, E, and B. It has minerals, flavonoids, carotenes, folate, fiber, magnesium and potassium. It is a famous cure for indigestion, has anti-inflammatory effects and supports the immune system.
  5. Avocado. This fruit can provide raw fat. It is also rich in monounsaturated fat which needs to be replenished in our body as our energy burns it. It provides vitamin C and E, as well as riboflavin, dietary fiber, folate, and vitamin B6.
  6. Mango. This sweet fruit may be hard to find and more challenging to eat compared to other fruits but it is an excellent source of calcium, carotenoids, iron, potassium, zinc, and folate. However, it is a little bit caloric so you have to be careful how much you are eating.
  7. Pineapple. It contains enzyme and antioxidants such as vitamin C. It provides immunity and anti-inflammatory responses. It has bromelain that aids digestion, too. Pineapple is an excellent source of thiamin, manganese, and riboflavin.
  8. Guava. It is a great addition to your daily nutritional diet as it is high in fiber, rich in niacin and vitamins A, B-3, B-6, C and K. It is also an excellent source of lycopene, has anti-microbial properties and it reduces bad cholesterol.
  9. Kiwi. Kiwi is abundant in antioxidants such as vitamin C and E as well as beta-carotene. It can protect human DNA from free-radical damage. It has been proven to be an excellent source of potassium, copper, fiber, magnesium, and phosphorous.
  10. Banana. This is one of the cheapest and easiest to find nutritious fruit with its 422 mg potassium in every banana. It helps lower blood pressure levels and a good source of vitamin B6 and folate.

Multi-vitamins might help you get a dose of the vitamins and minerals from these fruits but your body absorbs micronutrients better when eating these fruits than from taking pills. Fill your plate with these nutrient-dense fruits instead of hoping your pill will fill in the gap in your nutritional diet. The best dose of nutrition will always come from the healthiest fruits to eat.


Fruit Cake Recipe

by admin on December 2, 2015

The Quest for Delicious Fruit Cake Recipes

Fruit Cake RecipeThe fruitcake, a holiday staple that has become a butt of jokes over the years, will be once again making its annual appearance into everybody’s pantry this season. After being just freezer decoration for quite a long time now, it’s high time this traditional holiday staple gets its own makeover. You won’t believe how a few tweaks on the age-old recipe can transform this misunderstood treat into something everyone can enjoy.

Here are some recipes that may actually change your view about the fruitcake:

Alton Brown’s Free Range Fruitcake
This easy fruit cake recipe from the Food Network has made some iteration on the basic ingredients but kept the preparation easy and simple to do. With a non-traditional approach, the cake in this recipe is meticulously prepared with just the amount of zest and brandy to keep the cake moist. Check out the complete ingredients with the preparation via link below:

Mrs. Mackinnon’s Christmas fruitcake recipe
Another excellent Christmas fruitcake recipe that can wow everyone is reportedly ancient Scottish in origin. With a distinct orangey scent and dark color, the resulting taste of this cake will make lasting impressions. While the ingredients may come to be a little costly and preparation a bit more complicated, the product will definitely be worth it. Be sure to check the key ingredients and

The world’s best fruitcake
This next recipe, aside from a having a very confident name also makes a pretty bold claim: “Everyone who hates fruitcake likes this and everyone who likes fruitcake LOVES this.” With coconuts and condensed milk as added ingredients, the recipe is sure to be a hit for those with sweet tooth. Those who have tried doing it for themselves seems to sing the same praises for the cake as well. The author encourages the reader to follow the steps exactly as posted to get the best results.

The Easy Apple Fruitcake
If you are looking for an easy fruitcake recipe, here’s one that takes about a few minutes to prepare and about an hour and 20 minutes to bake. The special ingredient here is the apple that keeps the cake from being dry. You may also customize the design and decorate as you want it.

Be sure to try any of the above to surprise some fruitcake non-believers out there. This time, if you are to give someone fruitcake as a gift, encourage that person to have a quick bite first before they even try storing it in a basement.


Amazing Fruit Bowl Finds

by admin on December 2, 2015

Amazing Fruit Bowl Finds

What is an elegant table without a fancy fruit bowl centerpiece? Aside from holding your favorite fruits at arm’s reach, fruit bowls are also designed to enhance the look of your dining area. So if you are looking for an inexpensive aesthetic upgrade for your kitchen or dining table, a new fruit bowl would be a wise purchase. It’s time to replace that 10-yr old generic black fruit bowl or that unsightly red fruit bowl your former co-worker gave you in 1999.

Deco Bros White Fruit Tree Bowl
DecoBros Wire Fruit Tree Bowl with Banana Hanger, Chrome Finish
A classy yet affordable option would be Deco Brother’s Wire Fruit Tree Bowl with Banana Hanger. Reasonably priced at a discounted $13.87, the chrome-finished large fruit bowl (also available in bronze) features a minimalist design and a big enough space (diameter of 13 x 5 inches) to hold 10-20 apples/oranges. It even has a special hanger to keep your bananas from being squished.

Spectrum 71777 Euro Starburst Fruit Bowl
Spectrum 71777 Euro Starburst Fruit Bowl, Satin Nickel
Featuring a stylish modern look, the Spectrum 71777 Euro Starburst Fruit Bowl will hold anyone’s attention before picking up a fruit. The sleek open design also lets the fruit breathe, keeping them fresh longer. Made from a very solid material, this modern fruit bowl has a very compact build that will hold your fruits sturdily. At $17.99, it is a deal that is hard to pass up.

Elegance’ Hammered 10-Inch Stainless Steel Wave Serving Bowl
Elegance Hammered 10-Inch Stainless Steel Wave Serving Bowl
Do you like sparkly things? How about a beautiful stainless steel bowl that reflects the surrounding light and gives off a shiny, shimmering and splendid effect? Elegance’ Hammered 10-Inch Stainless Steel Wave Serving Bowl will not just complement a futuristic-themed room, but it will also highlight your taste for lovely things. At only $17.85, you have the option to match it with similarly-themed kitchenware also from Elegance.

RoRo mango wood fruit bowl
RoRo hand-crafted 16 in sustainable mango wood fruit bowl with bark edges
If modern or futuristic is not for you and you’d rather go traditional, you may also find other great designs like the RoRo mango wood fruit bowl with bark edges which is hand-crafted all the way from Thailand. You’ll love the natural look and craftsmanship put into it. It’s a fine piece of art that is a perfect centerpiece for any medium-big sized table.

Well, of course, these are just some of the better deals available now that customers are raving about. There other designs out there that may suit your taste and fruit-containing needs. It’s just a matter of knowing where to search so you can get the best value for your money. Trust me, if you search hard enough, you’ll eventually reap the fruits of your labor, and also the bowl that you need to put them into.

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How to Eat Dragon Fruit

by admin on November 30, 2015

How to Eat Dragon Fruit

dragon fruit how to eat it Dragon fruit is actually a type of cactus and is grown in South and Central America, Southeast Asia, Mexico, and Israel. It is colorful with its tropical pink or reddish body with yellow and green tipped spines. The fruit’s skin is leathery red and inside of it you will find flesh with tiny seeds.

It is high in fiber as well as in vitamins B and C. The dragon fruit is one of the healthiest fruits that you can ever have. Most people describe its taste as something between a watermelon, a kiwi, and a pear.

It can be difficult to find dragon fruit as it grows only in a few countries and places. If you don’t live in one of the countries where it grows, then you will have to search for it in a foreign market or specialty market in your city and then how to eat dragon fruit.

Step by Step – How to Eat Dragon Fruit

How to Eat Dragon FruitOnce you have found a ripe dragon fruit how to eat it is the next thing to discover. Choose a ripe one by pressing its flesh with your fingers and see if it has a little give – but it shouldn’t be mushy or very soft. If it is too soft, then it is overripe and won’t be that good to eat. If it is too firm to the touch, then it is not yet ripe and you need to wait for few more days for it to be ready to eat. Never taste or eat a dragon fruit that has dark blotches, spots or dry spines because chances are, it is overripe and will not be any good.

  1. How to Eat Dragon Fruit How to Eat Dragon FruitCut the fruit in half. Use a sharp knife to cut it in half. When you have finally divided it, you will notice that its flesh is similar to a kiwi with a bright color (some have pink flesh whereas others have a white flesh) and tiny black edible seeds are distributed throughout the fruit’s flesh.
  2. Scoop the flesh. Run a spoon along its edges and slowly scoop underneath until the whole flesh is loosened. The flesh should easily separate itself from the skin if it is ripe. Otherwise, it will be hard to separate the flesh from the skin.
  3. Slice it. As the flesh is now detached from the skin, you can now put it on the cutting board. Turn the mound of flesh over and check for any residual skin and make sure you cut it off. It is not healthy to eat the skin as it is not easy to digest. Slice the flesh it into small bite sizes, in cubes, or in quarters. Do the same thing with the other half.
  4. Taste and eat the dragon fruit flesh. After cutting into pieces, you can now taste and eat the fruit. However, it is best to refrigerate dragon fruit. Its taste is best when it is deliciously cold. Never eat a dragon fruit’s skin. It is inedible and could give you a stomachache.

How to Eat Dragon Fruit If you are serving dragon fruit for a special occasion or a party, you can enhance the presentation by putting back the slices or cubes of dragon fruit flesh into the skin.  Other dragon fruit recipes might call for various sizes of the dragon fruit.

Eat the dragon fruit the same way you’d eat an apple or most other fruits. You can even combine it with other fruits so that you can serve a healthy fruit salad.

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