The Remarkable Papaya

by cheskarr on April 27, 2015

The Remarkable PapayaThe Remarkable Papaya

The Papaya is that yellow orange tasty fruit from the genus Carica. It is widely grown in Southeast Asia and South Africa. It is commonly known to promote lighter, gentle and glowing fairer skin. It has nutritional value fibers such as potassium, beta-carotene and calcium. It contains Vitamins A, C and B complex to pep up the immune system.

The Papaya has this powerful enzymes carpain known to be an anti-heart attack agent and papain acting as an anti-aging agent. If you are plagued with acne, age spots, drying skin, rough skin, enlarged pores, sunspots and wrinkles, Papaya is should be on the top of your list when it comes to skin and hair care program.

Papaya is often used as a lotion or cream other than a succulent satisfying food. Its papain content eliminates dead skin and generates a lighter glow on your face and body. A Papaya slice when diluted in vinegar could be applied as a facial moisture mask to rejuvenate one’s facial skin and could be used as an anti-aging formula to rid you of wrinkles, sunspots, sagging skin and the nasty acne.

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Avocado – Hair and Nails Fixer

by cheskarr on April 26, 2015

Avocado, Hair and Nails FixerAvocado – Hair and Nails Fixer

The avocado is one of the healthiest fruits in the planet. It is a rich source of Vitamin K, C, B6, folate, copper and dietary fiber. The avocado has a 20% higher fat content than most fruits. It contains 30grams of fat. However 20grams of which is monounsaturated fat, mostly oleic acid and are health promoting ingredients essential to the body. It helps the body produce the much needed healthy oils to enhance strong hair and finger nails.

The monounsaturated fat and oleic acid found in the avocado deter the clogging of hair follicles and brittleness of the finger nails. Here are two easy fixes for a bad hair day or dry nails:

One mashed avocado, one egg yolk and half a teaspoon of olive oil, applied and massage into the hair for half an hour could perk up and sustain the strength and luster of the hair after washing, shampooing and rinsing. As for the nails, ¼ of an avocado will do together with one egg white, a teaspoon of fresh lemon juice and two tablespoons of oatmeal applied to the cuticles for 20 minutes will do the job.

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Pomegranate for Health

by cheskarr on April 25, 2015

Pomegranate for HealthPomegranate for Health

If pomegranate is still not among the perennial favorite fruit in your home, then you should start now. With all the health issues that surrounds us everyday, who would not want a fruit that has high amount of antioxidants? Nowadays, the trees are found in places such as Africa, India or even in the United States.

The fruit is round shaped and once it is opened, you will see the ruby-colored tiny seeds, arils. The Arils are separated from the white pulp membrane and the peel. It is used for culinary and cuisine purposes. It is still popular in the Middle East and in India as part of the Persian Cuisine and Indian delicacies and began its popularity in the United States and Canada as the Persian Pomegranate juice since 2002.

The pomegranate fruit is known for its antioxidant properties. It has been used in the ancient Ayurvedic Medicine against dysentery, diarrhea and intestinal parasites. The arils and its juices are considered as a tonic for the heart and astringent for the throat. It is high in fiber and contains Vitamin C and great storage of Vitamin B5 (Panthotenic Acid), potassium and polyphenols namely tannins and flavonoids.

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Pomegranates in Beauty Products

by admin on April 22, 2015



Pomegranates in Beauty Products

Everyone knows that pomegranates are healthy fruits, loaded with anti-oxidants that actually help prevent cancer, lower blood pressure and cholesterol and reduce the risk of Alzheimer’s but what many people don’t realize are the effects that pomegranates have on skin and hair. Pomegranates contain a key chemical that helps to keep blood vessels healthy and regulate blood flow, they also have recently been shown to help in collagen production which helps to “plump” and restore skin.

Making Skin Gorgeous Again
The oil from pomegranates can now be found in many skin care products, lotions and even some make-up. The reason for this rise in popularity, pomegranate seed oil contains excellent moisturizing properties. Wrinkled and dull skin can easily be treated and reversed with this miracle oil thanks to it’s one of a kind fatty acids. Pomegranate seed oil also helps to restore the epidermis and fight aging, something every woman longs for after finding that first wrinkle.

Hair Repair
Pomegranates are wonderful moisturizers and can now be found in shampoos and conditioners such as Burt’s Bee’s products and other popular brands. Softening hair without making scalps oily and improving the texture of hair is another plus of pomegranates. From head to toe, pomegranates are positively one of the world’s most perfect fruits!


The Aronia Advantage

by cheskarr on April 21, 2015

The Aronia AdvantageThe Aronia Advantage

The world has become aronia nation after it was rediscovered to have high content of antioxidants but can be grown and cultivated in North America. Now, you don’t need to buy an antioxidant fruit imported from abroad. The aronia berries are often taken as another type of cherry but it isn’t. This berry can even be used as an ornament but more than that, it can benefit you in terms of its anthocyanins.

Also known as chokeberry, it counters oxidative stress and damage. You can get its nutritional benefits when you eat aronia jams, jellies and even drink aronia wine. Rich in anthocyanins and procyanidins, it is also marketed as one of the market’s leading combative fruit against cancer, heart ailments, diabetes, bacteria, viruses and even fungal diseases. This could mean saying goodbye to urinary tract infections or high blood pressure incidents. Isn’t that amazing?

Neck to neck with the acai berry, the aronia mania has spread wild. With its many benefits, the food industry has also taken interest, using the multi-faceted fruit in many dishes. Do you have any any aronia jelly recipe you can share with us? Leave a comment and share with us your own delicious take on aronia.


King Durian and Antioxidants

by cheskarr on April 20, 2015

King Durian and AntioxidantsKing Durian and Antioxidants

In Asia, the durian is fruit royalty. Dubbed as the King of fruits, this spiky and strong smelled fruit, holds a creamy white or yellow, buttery soft fruit inside its hard shell. The seeds of the fruit are normally not eaten raw and the fruit is deemed worthy to be eaten when it falls off its tree. This is an indicator that it is ripe. Durians are not plucked from its tree.

It has been found out that durians carry a special kind of antioxidant called xanthones. This antioxidant is essential in curbing the risk of cancer cells to grow in your body. Durians carry anti-inflammatory and anti-cancer properties that can keep you healthy by providing food cholesterol and fats as well as nutrients like Vitamin B-Complex, C and A. It also has tryptophan, an essential amino acid known to be a sleep inducer. The durian also has a reputation of being an aphrodisiac.

Durian can be made into many types of desserts. From ice creams to shakes, you can’t go wrong with it. Do you have any durian recipe to share with us? Don’t be shy and leave a comment. You can also join us on Facebook.


Jackfruit of All Trades

by cheskarr on April 19, 2015

Jackfruit of All TradesJackfruit of All Trades

Hailing from Southeast Asia, the Jackfruit or Artocarpus heterophyllus is a big fruit with pointy rough skin and edible golden fruit pulp. It is acclaimed to be the largest tree-bearing fruit. Its fruit is shaped like an oblong and when it is ripe, the fruit turns from green to light brown.

The pulp of the antioxidant jackfruit is sweet but sticky with the fruit’s natural oil. The body of the fruit, when opened or gets bruised, excretes a white glue-like juice which often leaves traces in your mouth ad hands after eating. It is advised that much like the grapefruit, after eating a jackfruit, you shouldn’t rinse right away. This is so you won’t get to taste the white sap on your mouth area. To remove the sticky substance, just uses baby oil an cotton an simply dab away.

The jackfruit has many benefits for us. After eating the golden yellow bulb, you will feel energized and revitalized. It is also a good laxative since it has a lot of dietary fiber. The jackfruit promotes good eyesight and decreases your risk of cancer with Vitamin A and flavonoids found in the fruit.

The Jackfruit is surely a fruit of all trades. Leave a comment on this or share your jackfruit recipes with us on Facebook.

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Apple Juice and Gout

by cheskarr on April 18, 2015

Apple Juice and GoutApple Juice and Gout

Have you suddenly experienced excruciating pain on your big toe? Have you noticed that your joints have been painful for quite sometime? If after a medical check-up you are diagnosed with gout, then drinking apple juice can be a remedy to help you manage the pain.

Apple Juice comes highly recommended to manage excess uric acid found in your body. It is is high in nutrients like vitamin B and C, phosphorus, iron and potassium. It also packs a great deal of calcium, malic acid and pectin which can help with the uric acid level in your body as well as digestion.

Drinking apple juice after every meal is suggested to keep you on track on the road to recovery with the swelling and pain that comes with gout. Avoid foods that produce purines which can make your gout worse. Go for substitutes like non-fermented milk products like whey protein, mozzarella cheese and cottage cheese. Eat egg whites instead of egg yolks and drink milk and pulp-free fruit juices.

When you have gout, alcoholic drinks are prohibited since they contribute to the uric acid build-up in your body. Apple juice is the best alternative. Let us know what you think about this or join us on Facebook for a discussion.


Live UTI Free with Cranberry

by cheskarr on April 17, 2015

Live UTI Free with CranberryLive UTI Free with Cranberry

Have you ever encountered that burning sensation on your lower abdomen that makes you want to pee but somehow you can’t? Or when you do pee, there’s blood or urinating is extremely painful? You might be suffering from an urinary tract infection or UTI. This is a common ailment encountered by people which is caused by the E.coli bacteria.

When you have this painful infection, the wise thing to do is to gather cranberries. Cranberry has complex polysaccharides and proanthocyanids which attack the E.coli bacteria and messes up its cellular composition. When this happens, the bacteria falls off your urethra where it attached itself and falls off, to be excreted when you pass urine.

So the next time, you feel you are about to have a urinary tract infection, drink up cranberry juice. To further prevent the reoccurrence of UTIs, you should also load up on apples, pears and grapes in your diet so as to weaken the E.coli bacteria in your body. Proper hygiene is also a must.

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Hypothyroidism and Fruits

by cheskarr on April 16, 2015

Hypothyroidism and FruitsHypothyroidism and Fruits

Hypothyroidism is a disorder when your thyroid is not producing the required thyroid hormone that controls the way your body consumes and uses energy. An underactive thyroid is often due to lack of iodine.

The most common cause of this kind of disorder is the Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis in which case the immune system of the body attacks or impairs the thyroid tissue resulting to inadequate production of thyroid hormones. It could also be caused by viral infection, drugs, radiation therapy for cancer and endocrine deficiency.

There are certain fruits which contain micronutrients that could supplement the thyroid tissue for instance, tyrosine which could be found in Bananas and Avocados. Tyrosine is an important part of thyroid hormone. It reduces the stress hormone level which affects the mood or temperament of an individual. It also reduces and calms stress, fatigue, cold and sleep deprivation which is why it is also known as the anti-stress amino acid.

Tyrosine can improve physical activity, performance and presence of mind. Supplement with other antioxidant fruits like cherries and blueberries and with food packed with iodine like seaweeds and seafood. What to avoid are goitrogenic food or fruits which can increase the risk of goiter like peaches, pear and strawberries.

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